QMark: Parent/Guardian Survey

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As you may be aware, our school is actively pursuing the Belong To Quality Mark. Upon receiving this recognition, our school will have achieved significant success in fostering a more diverse and inclusive school community. Throughout the past year, our students and staff have collaborated to establish the IRIS Allies Group, which convenes weekly to create a welcoming space for Allies and LGBTQ+ individuals to socialize with friends. Furthermore, we have dedicated efforts to update our school policies, enhancing openness within our school community. We have also formed a dedicated support team for students and staff, engaged in training initiatives, and conducted a curriculum review.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be embarking on several additional projects. In the meantime, we kindly request parents and guardians within our school community to participate in a brief survey. Your timely completion of this survey by 12 pm on Friday, October 20th, would be greatly appreciated. You will find a link to this survey below.