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In North Monastery Co-educational Secondary our junior cycle education places students at the centre of the educational experience, enabling them to actively participate in their communities and in society, and to be resourceful and confident learners in all aspects and stages of their lives. Junior cycle is inclusive of all students and contributes to equality of opportunity, participation and outcome for all.

Our classes run for 60 minutes, which are student centred and incorporate the latest teaching and learning strategies and learning technologies.

All our subjects are supported by literacy and numeracy programmes within our school for example JCSP.

Junior Cycle Key Skills

Junior Cycle Subjects:

Core Subjects

Gaeilge  (Higher & Ordinary)
Wellbeing  (CSPE, SPHE and PE)*
MFL (French or Spanish)*

Additional Subjects (Examinable):

*Common Level

History Geography
Science Business Studies
Visual Arts Music
Technology Subjects (Engineering, Graphics, and Wood Technology)  

 Non-examination subject(s):   

Religious Education

Classroom-Based Assessments (CBA):

Each subject has Classroom Based Assessments (CBA), these are completed at junior cycle level.

CBA 1 is  completed in 2nd year and CBA 2 completed in 3rd year. A percentage of the marks from the CBA’s will go towards your son’s final mark. Your son’s Classroom Based Assessments will also appear on their Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA).

What is JCPA?

JCPA stands for Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement. This is awarded to students upon completion of the junior cycle examinations. It will report on student achievement across a broad range of areas of learning in junior cycle. The JCPA, alongside other reporting arrangements in junior cycle, will offer students/teachers/parents/guardians a clear, broad picture of a child’s learning journey over the three years of junior cycle.

Junior Cycle Grading 

As part of junior cycle reforms students will be graded in written assessments and classroom based assessments (CBA) under the following grading bands (students are no-longer graded from A to NG).

Find out more: www.juniorcycle.ie