Junior Achievement

Since 2002, North Monastery Co-educational Secondary School  has actively participated in Junior Achievement.

The program engages students from First, Third, and Transition Years, providing them with valuable opportunities to explore various initiatives. For instance, Smart Futures caters to First-Year students, offering insights into the vast array of captivating career paths and prospects within the STEM sector.

Economics of Staying in School targets Third-Year students, emphasizing the economic advantages of education.

Finally, Career Success is designed for Transition-Year students, equipping them with essential skills like effective communication, teamwork, and interview techniques. Through Junior Achievement volunteers, these skills are demonstrated in their practical relevance to school, work, and life.

Dedicated business volunteers, hailing from notable organizations such as Gas Networks Ireland and the Construction Industry, visit the classroom on a weekly basis for a period of five to six weeks. They deliver a structured curriculum, enriching the students’ learning experience.

Students from TY (2019-2020) taking part in Junior Achievement