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North Monastery Co-educational Secondary School holds DEIS status.

DEIS is an initiative by the Department of Education for schools located in low socio-economic communities. DEIS is about supporting inclusion and prioritising educational needs of our students.

What is DEIS?  

  • DEIS stands for Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools.
  • Each DEIS school is asked to create an action plan focusing on addressing and prioritising the educational needs of children and young people from disadvantaged communities, from junior cycle through senior cycle. North Monastery School is one of the 198 schools included in this programme.


Every few years the Department of Education Inspectorate conduct inspections of schools which look into the work being done within our school to implement DEIS initiatives. You can read our 2018 inspection report here.

North Monastery Secondary School – DEIS Plan

Our Attendance targets:

· To decrease the numbers of students arriving to school late

· To reduce the number of students who are out for 20 days or more.

· To increase the number of students who have a full day’s attendance.

· To reward those students with excellent attendance.

Our Retention targets:

· To increase the % of students retained within our school community for both junior cycle and leaving cert.

· To increase the % of students who ‘I like coming to school’ in school surveys.

· To identify and support those students who would identify as the greatest risk of leaving school early.

Our Literacy targets:

· To improve student’s oral literacy and presenting abilities.

· To increase the number of students who read for pleasure.

· To improve student’s exam literacy and understanding of exam vocabulary.

· Students will have a relevant understanding of ‘keywords’ appropriate to each subject area.

Our Numeracy targets:

· To increase the number of students who say they ‘like math’s’.

· Numeracy for living, where our students will understand the numeracy concepts of everyday life.

· To increase the number of students passing ordinary level math’s at junior cycle level.

· Our Exam attainment targets:

· To increase the number of students sitting higher level English, Irish and Math’s at Junior Cycle level.

· To increase the pass rate at Junior Cycle Common level.

· To increase the number of students who achieve more than 300 points in the Leaving Cert.

· To increase the number of students who receive a distinction in LCA.

Our progression and transitions targets:

· To monitor each student’s progression form from 1st to 6th as they journey through school and support them where necessary.

· To continue the uptrend in excellent exam results.

· To ensure that first year students settle into life in the Mon.

· To develop each student’s intellectual and emotional needs as they journey through their time here in school.

· To allow our students achieve every chance of success after completion of 6th year.

· To grow the student voice within our school community.

Our targets for partnership with parents and others:

· To maintain and develop links with the community.

· To maintain and develop links with organisations that will assist with the needs of our students.

· To enhance our communication abilities with parents with the aid of digital technology.

· To grow the parental voice within our school community.

· To maintain and further develop our relationship with local primary schools.