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Here you will find information regarding everyday activities within our school.

  • School Hours

School begins at 8.55 am each morning. Students are asked to be in school by 8.45 am to get access to their lockers/books and to be ready for assembly. School finishes at 3:45 pm most days, except Wednesday where the finish time is 1:05 pm.

  • Student Journal

The School Journal is a source of vital information for parents and students and includes space for your son to record his daily/weekly homework and a section in each week for Parent-Teacher communication and Absence Explanation. It is advisable to check the Journal regularly to make sure your son is keeping you fully in the picture. All students must purchase a Journal available from the school office for €10 at the start of the school year.

Lost journals must be replaced immediately.

  • Absences and Requesting Permission to Leave

If a student is absent for any reason, a parent/guardian MUST phone the school before 8:55 a.m. In addition, an absence note must be written in the Student Journal. The note must specify the dates of, and reason for the absence to comply with the requirements of the National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB). A student who returns to school without a note of explanation may not be allowed to go to class until his parent/guardian has been contacted. No student may leave his class during the school day without permission from his subject teacher. Students should be collected by a parent/guardian and must get permission from their Year Head and/or Deputy Principal. Students must sign out at the School Office.

A student seeking permission to leave school during school hours for a medical appointment, etc, must present a note of explanation to the Year Head before 8.55 am. The note must be written in the appropriate part of his Student Journal. He must sign out at the main office before he leaves the school premises and sign in again on his return at the same point.

  • Uniform and Appearance

The uniform consists of the following: a blue shirt, mid-grey trousers, school tie, navy v-neck pullover, black leather or leather type shoes, blue North Mon outer jacket with College crest.  ‘Hoodies’ and a non-uniform jacket are NOT accepted within the school such items must be taken off prior to arriving onto the school premises and placed into their locker at all times. If a student is seen with a hoodie or non-school jacket this will be taken off him and will not be returned until a parent/guardian meets the Year Head or another member of the School Management.

Runners may not be worn in any part of the school except the Gym during PE classes. Jewellery must not be worn. Earrings are not acceptable, even if covered by a plaster. Students in breach of this policy may be excluded from school until the matter has been addressed.

Useful Tip: Two ties can help you to avoid morning panic

  • Lockers

Students can rent a locker for the year at a cost of €20.  At the end of each academic year, all lockers must, for hygiene reasons, be emptied

  • Canteen

Hot food is available in the Canteen during ‘small break’ and ‘big break’. All hot food must be consumed before entering the main building.

  • Lunch Break

‘Small break’ begins for First Years at 10:45 and at 10:55 for all other year groups, finishing at 11.05 where students must return to class.  Big break begins at 13:05 and finishes at 13:45, again all students must return to class on time. Students who are persistently late will be monitored and it may result in the discipline procedure

  • Mobile Phones

Mobile phones must be switched off during all class periods and mobile phones placed into lockers or school bags for the full school day. Mobile phones are the responsibility of the student, therefore we strongly advise students not to bring their mobile phones to school. If a student needs to use his phone urgently, he must first get permission from his Year Head. Teachers may confiscate phones if they deem them to be causing a distraction. Confiscated phones will be held in the school for one week and then returned to the student on application to the Principal. If a parent/guardian needs to contact their son, please contact the school office.

  • Assemblies

Each year group will be assigned an assembly point, where their Year Head and/or Principal and/or Deputy Principal will address students.   As well as a general review, topics addressed include Diet and Exercise, Study Skills, Health and Safety, Anti-Bullying Policy. Our school endeavours to keep parents/guardians informed of a student’s progress by means of Christmas and Summer Reports and annual Parent-Teacher meetings. Parents/guardians are welcome to phone or make an appointment to see the Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal to discuss a students’ progress.