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School Calendar 2023/2024

Provisional dates; subject to change. You will be notified in advance of any changes.

First Term

Mon 28 August

Return to School (1st year)

Details to follow

Mon 28th August 2023 to Mon 28th August 2023

Wed 30 August

Return to School (All year groups)

Details to follow

Wed 30th August 2023 to Wed 30th August 2023

Mon 25 September

School Closed

Mon 25th September 2023 to Mon 25th September 2023

Tue 10 October

PTM 2nd Years

4.15pm to 6:45pm

Tue 10th October 2023 to Tue 10th October 2023

Tue 24 October

Parent Evening for 1st years

Details to follow

Tue 24th October 2023

Mon 30 October

October Mid-Term

Mon 30th October 2023 to Fri 3rd November 2023

Mon 06 November

Stand Up Awareness Week

Mon 6th November 2023 to Sat 10th June 2023

Thu 09 November

PTM 3rd Years

4.15pm to 6:45pm

Thu 9th November 2023 to Thu 9th November 2023

Wed 15 November

Croke Park

Wed 15th November 2023 to Wed 15th November 2023

Thu 23 November

Staff Meeting

Thu 23rd November 2023 to Thu 23rd November 2023

Tue 05 December

JCT Training Day

School Closed

Tue 5th December 2023 to Tue 5th December 2023

Thu 07 December

PTM 6th Years

4.15pm to 6:45pm

Thu 7th December 2023 to Thu 7th December 2023

Mon 18 December

December Examinations

Details to follow

Mon 18th December 2023 to Fri 22nd December 2023

Mon 25 December

Christmas Break

Mon 25th December 2023 to Fri 5th January 2024

Second Term