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HEAR: UCCPlus+ and MTU Access


Both UCC PLUS+ Programme and MTU Access provide supports for our students from First Year through to Sixth Year. By encouraging students to remain in school and focus on their education and their future, these two fantastic institutions offer great opportunities for our students to grow and develop both personally and academically.

Our school benefits in participating in the following UCC/MTU activities:

Junior Cycle

  • Xperience Camp – 1st years
  • Student Achievement Awards – 2nd Years
  • Science Camps – 2nd Years
  • Homework Club – 3rd Years

Senior Cycle

  • Campus Study Facility – 6th Years
  • Extra Academic Support – 6th Years
  • Master Revision Classes – 6th Years
  • Oral Irish Revision Classes – 6th Years
  • Leaving Certificate School Visit – 6th Years