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The Past Pupils Union (PPU) supports and promotes the school community and acts as a connection between past pupils and the school. The PPU hosts a number of events each year.

  • The Annual PPU Dinner (every November)
  • The PPU Golf Outing (every Summer).
  • The PPU Awards are given each year to students who have been successful both academically and in extra-curricular activities.
  • The PPU helps to raise awareness around special commemoration events of past pupils and other historical events.

Current President: Mr. P Moynihan (Head of Corporate and International Affairs at Cork City Council)

A Triumvirate of North Mon Heroes

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  • Poet CaoimhĂ­n Mac Unfraidh a poem
  • Commissioned by Brother G. D. de Barra
  • Artist Eve Parnell
  • Produced by Barry Hill, North Mon P.P.U.