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The change in status from all boys to co-educational

Historic Cork boys’ school established in 1811 to become co-educational for the first time 

We are delighted to announce that following an extensive period of consultation between staff, parents, students, and all stakeholders, our school is becoming a co-educational institution from September 2023 onwards, welcoming girls as students for the first time in its over 211-year history.



Why is the school going co-educational?

The school has consulted with the trustees and its community of staff, parents and students in examining the values and future direction of the school. In the feedback, it was clear that there is significant support to offer our school and its reputation for care and academics to all students, regardless of gender. On that basis, combined with a local need for school places, the Board of Management of the school initiated the process of changing from all-boys to co-ed. It is a very exciting time in the history of the school, and we are looking forward to welcoming the first co-ed class into the school in 2023.

What will the school be doing to become a co-ed school?

The school is currently undertaking a review of policies, subjects offered and others aspects of school life here in the North Mon.

What will the school be changing its name?

We will be making a slight change to our schools name. Over the coming months you will notice signage and promotional material will  feature our new name North Monastery Co-educational Secondary School. The new name embraces our 211 year history and at the same time acknowledging our co-educational status. The change of name will commence from late November 2022.

What subject choices do we offer?

We offer a broad range of subjects at both junior and senior cycle. At junior cycle level history, geography, modern foreign languages (French/Spanish) and science subjects are compulsory. We also offer short courses such as digital media literacy and philosophy. At senior cycle level will offer all the science subjects, computer science, politics and society, art, music, construction studies, engineering, business and accounting to name a few. We also offer both art and music at junior and senior cycle.

What times are the school days?

The school day starts at 8.55 every morning Monday to Friday. It ends at 15.45 Monday to Thursday, and at 13.05 on Wednesday. Lunch time is 40 minutes each day, with a 10 minute morning break.

What activities are on offer for girls and boys?

Extra-curricular and sports activities plays a significant role in school life. We will be reviewing additional activities and sports we can offer for new students, including girls.