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The role of the Year Head in North Monastery Secondary School is to communicate with parents regarding their sons attendance, successes and behaviour.


  • To organise regular assembly for the year group.
  • To organise Class Tutor meetings.
  • To communicate with students and to emphasise the ‘open door’ policy of the school in relation to pastoral care.
  • To ensure that students are given responsibility within the school.
  • To communicate with parents following consultation with Class Tutor.
  • To monitor student records and follow up where appropriate.
  • To promote good attendance and punctuality in the year group.
  • To foster school and community spirit in the year group.
  • To keep the Principal/Deputy informed on developments in the year group.

Forthcoming Academic Year (2020/2021)

1st Year Mr. K. Ruby
2nd Year Ms. N. O’Connor
3rd Year Mr. J. Barry
4th Year Mr. D. Walsh
LCA Ms. C. Dunlea
5th Year Mr. L. O’Brien
6th Year Ms. N. Cambridge