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Dear Parents/Guardians,

We extend a warm welcome to the enhanced version of VSWare for Parents/Guardians. It is crucial for all parents/guardians associated with North Monastery Co-educational Secondary School to install the VSWare app.

The VSWare app empowers you to:

  • Monitor your child’s attendance
  • Access their timetables
  • Keep track of assessments and grades post-examinations
  • Directly communicate with your child’s Year Head and subject teachers using the new VMAIL feature
  • Notify the school via the VSWare App if your child is unable to attend school due to illness or an appointment. You can manage attendance adjustments by selecting ‘Submit Absence’ within the Attendance section of the app. Alternatively, you may contact the school via phone or email if you prefer.

These features are readily available on VSWare. In the coming weeks, we will provide training for parents/guardians and share promotional materials to facilitate this transition.

Looking ahead, we will use the VSWare app to keep you informed about school events that may impact your child. Consequently, it is vital that all parents/guardians download the VSWare app onto their mobile devices and enable notifications throughout the academic year. In alignment with our sustainability policy, we aim to reduce the volume of physical letters sent home, making the VSWare app our primary means of communication.

Additionally, you can enhance your connection with our school community by downloading the North Mon App to access the latest information, photos, and news. You can also stay updated on school developments through our social media channels and website. If you need assistance please contact us via helpdesk@northmonastery.ie or go to www.northmonastery.ie/helpdesk.

Thank you for your cooperation and for staying engaged with our school.