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The North Monastery CBS is an all-boys mainstream secondary school incorporating an autism unit, in the north side of Cork city. Founded in 1811 when Brother Jerome O’Connor and Brother John Baptist Leonard were given charge of a school in Chapel Lane by the Bishop of Cork, Rev. Dr. Moylan. Seventeen students attended on the first day. In 1814 a fourteen-acre sloping site was acquired from a wealthy Catholic businessman, Sir George Gould Bart, and a new school was built. The North Monastery had found its permanent home. An outbreak of typhus fever in the city in 1816 saw the school being used as a temporary hospital.

Br. Gerald Griffin, the celebrated poet, and novelist became a member of the North Monastery in 1839. He was a sick man before he arrived and died on 12th June 1840 in his 37th year. His remains are interred in the cemetery in the grounds of the North Mon. It was shortly after the death of Gerald Griffin that Daniel O’Connell visited the ‘Mon’ with the Founder of the Order, Br. Edmund Rice.

Some of our most famous students:

The Arts (Literature / Art / Music)

  1. Gerald Griffin (poet & novelist)
  2. Niall Tóibín (writer, actor, comedian)
  3. Frank O’Connor (short story writer)
  4. Seán Ó’Ríordáin (Irish language writer)
  5. Rory Gallagher (Musician)
  6. Johnathan Reese Myers (The Tudors)
  7. Joe Lynch (Glenroe)
  8. Donal Farmer (Glenroe)
  9. Edward Mulhare (Nightrider)
  10. John Fitzgerald (Poet and writer, known in his time as the “Bard of the Lee”)
  11. Gerald Slevin (Chief Herald of Ireland, granted the schools coat of arms)
  12. Liam Heffernan (Glenroe)
  13. Chris Curran (Actor, Abbey Theatre)
  14. Eddie Golden (Actor, Hollywood)
  15. Seán Ó Tuama (Irish writer and poet)
  16. Michael Davitt (Irish writer and poet)
  17. Theo Dorgan (Writer, Poet)
  18. Gerry Murphy (Writer)
  19. Conal Creedon (Writer)
  20. John Fitzgerald (Poet, Antiquarian, Wrote Beautiful City)
  21. Br Michael Augustine Riordan (Architect)
  22. Domhnall O Murchadha (Sculptor)
  23. Danny Hobbs (Comedian)
  24. Sam O’Sullivan (Studio manager for U2)
  25. Paddy Comerford (Comedian)
  26. Jim Stack (Producer)


  1. Br Burke (First demonstration of how electricity could be used for illumination purposes in Cork, before it was even done in London, and also assisted in the creation of the Corks first tram, founded first technical school in the country)
  2. John Philip Holland (invented the modern submarine)
  3. Dr Vincent Barry (Discovered the cure for Leprosy)
  4. Jerome Collins (Meteorologist, Geographer and Arctic Explorer)
  5. Donnacha O’Brien (Neurosurgeon, Beaumont Hospital & Specialist in epilepsy and other neurological diseases)
  6. James Donovan (Founder of the Irish Forensic Science Laboratory)


  1. Jack Lynch (1st Cork Taoiseach)
  2. 15 Lord Mayors (Joseph Barrett, Tomás MacCurtain, Terence MacSwiney, Donal O’Callaghan, Walter Furlong, Patrick McGrath, Anthony Barry, Gus Healy, Paud Black, Dan Wallace, Bernard Allen, Tim Falvey, Michael O’Connell, Tony Fitzgerald, *John Murray)
  3. 4 Mayors (Patrick Kennedy, Daniel Galvin, Patrick Meade and Eugene Crean the last mayor of Cork)


  1. Anthony Connolly (Received a DSM)
  2. John F Lucey (Captain during WWI and wrote “There’s a Devil in the Drum” and many short stories)

Independence Movement

  1. Terence MacSwiney
  2. Tomas MacCurtain
  3. Donal O’Callaghan


  1. Bishop Tom Deenhin (Meath)
  2. Bishop Thomas O’Callaghan (Cork)
  3. Cardinal Manning (Los Angles)
  4. Bishop Corbett (South Africa)
  5. Bishop Scanlan (Honolulu)
  6. Brother Michael Paul Riordan (Second Superior General of the Christian Brothers)


  1. Patrick Roche (Olympian)
  2. Tomas Mulcahy (Hurler)
  3. Ó hAilpín brothers (Hurler) (Seán Óg, Setanta, Aisake)
  4. Teddy McCarthy (Hurler)
  5. Robert Heffernan (Olympic Walker)
  6. Con Murphy (President of the GAA)
  7. Jack Lynch (Hurling and Football)
  8. Barry Hill (Has won the most rugby medals in the History of Old Christians)
  9. Declan Carey (Chairman of Cork City FC)
  10. Patrick Horgan (Hurler)
  11. John Clifford (Hurler)
  12. Paddy Collins (Hurler)
  13. Mick Kennefick (Hurler)
  14. John Buckley (Hurler)
  15. Anthony O’Sullivan (Footballer)
  16. Kieran McGuckin (Hurler)
  17. Dermot Healy Highfield
  18. O’Connell Cork Con
  19. Murphy Cork Con

Business & Administration

  1. Val O’Connor (Set up the first funeral home in the country)
  2. Tim O’Maloney (Chairman of Killeen investment group and head of Toyota Ireland)
  3. John Morrogh (Chairman of De Beer’s Mining Company, South Africa)
  4. Dick Lehane (Senior Vice President of EMC)
  5. Barry Hill (CIPD)
  6. John Mullins (Chairman of the Port of Cork, CEO of Bord Gáis)
  7. Anthony Barry (owned the grocery shop on Princes street that would become Barry’s Tea)
  8. Paddy Hayes (Chairman of Aer Lingus, Waterford Wedgewood & Ford)
  9. Liam Cashman (Bookie)
  10. Jack Higgins (City Manager Cork & Limerick)
  11. Joe Crockett (City & County Manager Kilkenny)
  12. Séamus Parker (Head of Revenue, Dublin City)


  1. K. Sullivan (President of Queens College Cork)
  2. T. O’Sullivan (Professor of Medical Jurisprudence, UCC)
  3. John Dundon (Professor of Materia Medica, UCC)
  4. P. Fitzgerald (Professor of Anatomy, UCC)
  5. Joseph Curtis (Professor of Singing)
  6. Tadgh Carrey (President of UCC)
  7. Henry Atkins (President of UCC)
  8. Jeremiah Ford (Professor of Romance Languages, Harvard)
  9. Timothy Smiddy (Professor of Economics & Commerce, UCC)
  10. Finbarr Bradley (Professor of Finance, UCD & Dean of Engineering, Maynooth, Inventor of the Fiontar programme)
  11. Tadhg Begley (Professor of Chemistry, Texas A&M University & Cornell University)
  12. Patrick Fottrell (President of NUI Galway)
  13. Barry O’Connor (Vice-President, CIT)
  14. Michael Prior (Professor of Theology & Religious Studies, University of Surrey)
  15. Torna Ó Donnachadha (Famous Professor of Irish)
  16. Patrick Kennedy (Professor of Mathematics, York)
  17. Francis Scott (Professor of Chemistry, UCC)
  18. Barry O’Connor (Head of school of Mechanical & Process Engineering, CIT)
  19. Liam Downey (Professor of Agriculture, UCD & Director of Teagasc)
  20. John Teegan (Professor of Physical Chemistry, Leeds)
  21. Cormac Ó Cuilleanáin (Professor of Modern Irish, UCC)
  22. Seán Ó Tuama (Professor of Modern Irish, UCC & Poet with Harvard & Oxford)
  23. A. McGrath (Professor of Electrical Engineering, UCC & Dean of Dairy Science)
  24. Donal Mulcahy (Professor of Education, UCC & East Illinois University)
  25. Harry Walsh (Professor of Civil Engineering, UCC)
  26. Joseph O’Halloran (Lecturer in UCC, assisted building in Inniscarra Dam)
  27. James Barry (Principal of Crawford Institute, received City & Guilds medal for mechanical and motor car engineering)
  28. Tony Deeney (Senior Lecturer of Quantum & Classical Mathematics)


  1. Dan Moore (Responsible for having adoption laws put on statute)
  2. Frank Buttimer (Solicitor)
  3. Diarmuid Fawsitt (Circuit Court Judge)
  4. Martin Harvey (State Solicitor & Sherriff of Cork)

Journalism & Broadcasting

  1. Tim Cramer (Editor of the Cork Examiner)
  2. John O’Sullivan (Cork Examiner Chief Reporter & Editorial Writer)
  3. Paul O’Brien (Examiner’s Political Correspondent)
  4. John McHale (Sports editor, Evening Echo)
  5. Neil Prendeville (Radio Broadcaster)
  6. Derry O’Callaghan (Radio Broadcaster)
  7. Liam Ó Murchú (Irish Language Editor & Assistant Director, RTÉ)

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