Please find the schools contact details below. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.
Office Contacts:
Telephone: 021-4301318
Fax: 021-4307994


Write to:
North Monastery Secondary School
Our Lady’s Mount,
North Monastery Road,
Cork City
T23 P825
Republic of Ireland
Roll No: 62530F

School Management:
Principal: Ms G. O’Sullivan
Deputy Principal: Dr J. Boyle
Board of Management: Mr D. Lehane

Staff Contacts:

  • Guidance Counselor (Senior Cycle): Ms K. Cronin
  • Guidance Counselor (Junior Cycle): Ms E. O’Regan
  • Home School Liaison Officer (HCSL): Ms C. Coleman
  • LCVP & Resource Coordinator: Ms N. O’Connor
  • ASD Support Coordinator: Ms N. Cambridge
  • Behaviour Support: Mr. N. Corkery
  • JCSP Cooridnators: Ms L. Harold (Literacy) and Mr K. Ruby (Numeracy)
  • TY Coordinator: Mr J. Barry
  • LCA Cooridnator: Mrs Dunlea
  • ASD Cooridnator: Ms Cambridge
  • LCVP & Resource Coordinator: Ms O’Connor
  • Behaviour Support: Mr. N. Corkery
  • IT Coordinator: Mr L. O’Brien
  • Green Schools Coordinator: Ms C. Coleman
  • Yellow Flag Coordinators: Ms C. Dunlea
  • Amber Flag Coordinators: Ms K. Cronin
  • Young Scientist Coordinator: Mr F. Murphy