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As you are aware our school along with every other school in the country has been closed by the Government of Ireland
due to COVID-19. This closure is expected to continue until further notice. Full details in relation to the closure are
available here.

What is remote learning? 

North Monastery Secondary School is using remote learning as of March 12th onwards due to COVID-19.
Remote learning is the facility whereby teachers can communicate with your son by uploading coursework and other
materials online. It also offers students the opportunity to have coursework corrected and sent back to them. We are
using the online platform called Edmodo.

How can I or my son gain access to Edmodo?

Edmodo is free to use, however, it requires your son to sign-up and to log into individual subjects using the codes
below. You will find a list of subjects and codes relevant to your son’s subjects.

Right now your son is asked to complete the following steps:

  1. Go to or
    download the app on Apple and Android products
  2. Register your details or sign up using your Gmail or Hotmail account
  3. Use the list below to locate the relevant code for your subject and teacher.
  4. Teachers will update the subjects over the coming two weeks, students are advised to check-in on their Edmodo
    each day Monday to Friday or alternatively, a teacher may upload materials all at once to be completed over the
    two week period.

If you have any trouble accessing a code please do
the following: 

Please contact us through our pinned post on our Facebook page or
direct message us on our Twitter page.  Please do not contact the
school, as our school is closed and we will not be able to pick up your call. We hope to respond to your messages during
normal working hours Monday to Friday.

Educational materials per year group: 

Please note letters used in these codes are all small letters. 

Updated on Monday, April 20th at 16:36


Guidance Ms Cronin 6hf2zk
Janssen Bridge to Employment Ms Cronin ieh96k


English Mr O’Brien 2ut6hn
Maths Mr Maher 75eb64
French Ms Dunlea jign5v
Spanish Ms O’Connor nd73c3
Vocational Mr Healy dxdm9w
ICT Mr O’Brien yy6t9n
Social Education Ms Kehoe ugarbm

6th Year

Subject Teacher Edmodo Code
LCVP (Updated code) Ms O’Connor 4xjeab
Irish Ms Power k8imby
Irish (NEW) Ms Barry nifwfq
Irish Ms Kennedy bqn68s
Irish Ms Kelleher z7y8pv
French (Updated code) Ms O’Connor u23529
Maths Mr Healy 5qk97f
Maths Mr Philpott 6e3res
Politics and Society Mr Barry nn5bqu
Geography Ms Kennedy  62t96i
English Mr Daly qnqayb
English Ms Kehoe fe4ee8
English Ms Harold enkra2
Biology Ms Moynihan 7rav8c
Chemistry Ms Moynihan eimr35
Spanish Ms Acin b7dekj
Art  Mr Ruby 4kebeb
Geography  Mr Maher 8nbd2g
Physics Mr Murphy fmdsnj
Applied Maths Mr Murphy nrpdhq
Business Ms Murphy 3qra4z
Accounting Ms Murphy gavdv6
Construction Studies Mr Bohane 6viind
Communication Graphics Mr Bohane hfhim5
Engineering Mr Corkery h73rec
French Mr Owens zp335t


5LCA (Spanish) Ms Acin tm44qj
5LCA (Vocational Prep) Ms Sheeran gvzcdz
5LCA (English) Mr O’Brien e3ngb9
5LCA (Art) Mr Ruby rawvk3
5LCA (French) Ms Dunlea jign5v
5LCA (Social Ed) Ms Sheeran 5b6y4t
5LCA (Maths) Mr Philpott ieznzd
ICT Mr O’Brien j6zurq

5th Year

Subject Teacher Edmodo Code
English Ms Harold pc2e72
English Mr Daly smai7n
English Ms Kehoe nqqqtq
Maths Mr Philpott ng6cxe
English Ms O’Regan j5is64
Politics and Society Mr Barry drg39d
Biology Ms Moynihan my6nw6
Irish Ms Kelleher eda7fc
Irish Ms Kennedy v6myzj
LCVP Ms Sheeran gmm2ap
Irish  Ms Barry rppy34
Art  Mr Ruby csdfa7
Music Ms Collins a7er5e
Spanish Ms Acin Ivtm3s
Geography  Mr Ryan spjzxp
Chemistry Mr Ruby I5fy2z
French Ms Dunlea vz84r9
French (New) Ms O’Connor 6umz79
Physics (New) Mr Murphy ap4p7y
History Ms Kennedy 688vsw
Maths Mr Healy qbcnwq
Business Ms Murphy x9zujn
Accounting Ms Murphy 7jq5qi
Geography Mr Lynch bdyyak
Business Mr Brennan 6v8btp
Construction Studies Mr Bohane cmkyex
Geography Mr O’Brien bk4nni
DCG Mr O’Brien 2bmquk
Engineering Mr O’Brien n4gkbq

3rd Year

Subject Teacher Edmodo Code
Science Ms Moynihan 6bxuf2
Maths Mr Philpott 9ggtd3
Spanish Ms Acin bmmv5f
English Mr Lynch 5eap4s
English Ms Harold ya2gfh
English Mr Barry 3w9tid
Irish Ms Power shz8rw
Irish Ms Kennedy t35fe4
Science Ms O’ Donoghue rpfudx
French Ms O’Connor yidkrb
Science Ms Moynihan 5bxuf2
History  (N.Lorcan) Ms Kennedy 5rt99q
History (N. Oisin) Ms Kennedy cr36xj
Music Ms Collins r33fqh
Geography Mr Barry hby5u8
Spanish Ms Acin c59xe7
Geography (NEW) Mr Maher drxixe
Metalwork Mr O’Brien xp4ig5
Science Mr Ruby dxb3be
Science Ms O’ Donoghue rpfudx
Business Ms Murphy v52wth
Woodwork Mr Bohane upixfq
English Mr Lynch 5eap4s
History Mr Cronin u8x624
Geography Mr Cronin smcd3t
Technical Graphics Mr Corkery uxzaaj
Woodwork Mr Walsh tsajua
Tech Graphics Mr Walsh 6ucnei
Woodwork Mr Bohane upixfq
Art Mr Ruby kmfs52
Maths Mr Owens 24egxh

CSPE                                                                    Ms Collins (N. Ruairi)                                      gdfnhk

CSPE                                                                    Ms Collins (N. Oisin)                                         cg3bf8

 2nd Year

Subject Teacher Edmodo Code
Irish Ms Power 2du5t7
Irish  Ms Barry gvn34p
Geography Mr Barry 9bc2f4
Spanish Ms Acin dkwe7q
French Ms Dunlea n23gpv
Music Ms Collins 7ayq4d
Irish Ms Kelleher 24ahgq
Geography  Mr Ryan eq52wt
History  Mr Ryan spjzxp
ART  Mr Ruby 5d67x8
French  Ms O’Connor Wqu9f8
English (Resource) Ms de Barra 8xs5c9
Science Mr Murphy tiwvmi
Science (N. Ciaran) Ms O’ Donoghue qmpqjb
Science (N. Padraig Ms O’ Donoghue q466jw
CSPE Ms Trifiletti 6qmt53
Science Ms Moynihan frwzt5
Business Ms Murphy mn67zn
History Ms Coughlan c4pjm8
English Ms Coughlan hnjce7
History Mr Cronin 3dz9hk
English Ms Harold gqbgh9
Geography Mr Maher ustrmj




Ms de Barra



Mr Ruby





1st Year

Subject Teacher Edmodo Code
Irish Ms Barry nd6ssp
Irish Ms Power hbizm3
Irish Ms Kennedy 9c9e7v
Irish Ms Kelleher d4e9vv
Music Ms Collins bhg2aq
Geography Mr Barry w9mk78
English (N. Caoimhin) Mr Lampe entwnw
English (N. Daithi) Ms Kehoe h8xceh
English (N. Daithi) Mr Lampe jbg3ur
Business Ms Sherran tnhftz
History  Mr Ryan tbh2e5
Geography  Mr Ryan 99nu3m
Spanish  Ms Acin Jtg85j
Maths   Ms Collins v8kevq
Science Mr Ruby qxeazi
French (NEW) Ms Dunlea 5ysg7b
English (Resource) Ms de Barra 8xs5c9
Spanish  Ms O’Connor 7xx3yc
Art (NEW) Mr Ruby & Mr Bracken mv6cnp
Science (N. Colmcille)  Ms O’ Donoghue mf9bkv
Science (N. Daithi)  Ms O’ Donoghue c9qpmc
History Ms Kennedy 688vsw
History Mr Cronin z6eect
Science Ms Moynihan p9ga5x
Digital Media Ms Lane 6bdyrm
Geography (N. Caoimhin) Mr Lynch 6znj6r
English  (N. Colmcille) Mr Lynch r98sft
CSPE (N. Brandon) Ms Trifiletti b7mpa4
CSPE  Ms Trifiletti h3d2ud
Geography Ms Trifiletti s4nhna
Maths Mr Maher jxhrf3
Wood Technology Mr Bohane pp8tmp
Maths Mr Owens pxpst2
French Mr Owens sd71h4