VSWare for Parents/Guardians to launch later this month

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VSWare is a digital platform we use within our school to monitor attendance, punctuality and to record exam results. This service will be made available to all parents/guardians allowing you to monitor your son’s progress and attendance.

Shortly, you will receive a text message sent by the school. This text will feature a unique username and password specific to your son’s information. This username and password should not be shared as the profile features personal information on your son.

In North Monastery Secondary School, we continue to work alongside you to give the best education and opportunities to our students. We rely on parents/guardians to work with us and help us get the very best from the students who come to the school.

When launched we ask that parents monitor the VSware account on a regular basis. For more information see https://www.northmonastery.ie/parents/vsware.


If you need further assistance e-mail helpdesk@northmonastery.ie