Uniform Drive Week

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Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

As we return to school on Tuesday March 21st a Uniform Drive will take place over the coming week. While a majority of students come to school each day in their full unform there is a small number who are not fully cooperating. Some issues highlighted in recent weeks include the (1) wearing of runners instead of black shoes, (2) tops being worn over the school jumper, (3) hoodies work under the school jumper, (4) the wearing of jewellery and the (5) wearing of a non-school jacket.

Beginning tomorrow we will be checking uniforms and we will be imposing school sanctions in accordance with our school Code of Behaviour.

We would greatly appreciate your support in this matter.  Please let your child’s year head know in advance if you anticipate any issue with compliance, so we can support you to resolve this in advance of next week.

You can view the Code of Behaviour, here.