Science for Development Exhibition

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North Monastery students were hand-picked to present their BTYSE project in Iveagh House, Department of Foreign Affairs on Thursday 12th of April. Projects for the event were chosen on the basis of their innovativeness and practical nature for dealing with solutions suited for the enhancement of food yield and water quality. These challenges will become more prominent in the future due to the worlds population increase in particular to the third world.

The North Monastery Science Department along with the help and expertise of Dr. Jim Boyle Deputy Principal over the last number of years has developed an impressive template of making technology at the forefront of their vision for extra-curricular science projects. In all, there is a great sense of enthusiasm and a can-do attitude in the department that has helped our school to be very successful at a nationwide level in science and its great to get recognition at these events. Furthermore, students at the Mon are empowered to see their peers having accomplished so much and now want the same. The positive nature of these competitions has given the Mon a great lift and the students feel this enlightened attitude with a greater sense of self-belief and confidence which will stand to them.


North Monastery students discussing their project with Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney