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RE: TY Trip To Gougane Barra

 Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The first TY trip of the year will take place on Friday October 2nd, 2020. This trip will involve a hike, with the aim to take the Slí na Sléibhe walk (taking approximately 2 hours to complete) at Gougane Barra. The region is mountainous and therefore students must wear suitable outdoor clothing and footwear. Due to the upland nature of the region, rain is very likely an outdoor jacket is required. Students must bring a packed lunch with them and a bottle of water. Students will attend their first class from 8.55am, attendance will be taken and students will leave the school by private bus around 9.30am.

Prior to the trip is it important the online permission form is filled out and submitted, click here.

Physical distancing and hand sanitizer:

  • Students must make use of the hand sanitiser in school before entering the private bus
  • Students MUST wear their mask (masks will not be supplied; students must bring their own) on the bus at all times, no exceptions
  • Social distancing will take place on the bus (60 seater bus) with 26 students attending. Students will be separated out and each student will be allocated a seat. Students are not allowed to change seats on the bus at any time
  • Students must keep a distance on the hike of at least 1 metre between each student
  • Students will be supplied with hand sanitiser when needed or alternatively students can bring their own hand sanitiser with them on the trip

Important to Note: 

  • Outdoor clothing is required; school uniform is not necessary
  • Students with any particular health issue e.g. asthma, nut allergies must notify teachers supervising this activity prior to the trip
  • Students must bring a packed lunch and a bottle of water with them
  • Students must stay together

Thanking you for your cooperation.