1st Year: HSE School Vaccine Programme

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Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The HSE school vaccination team will visit our school to offer vaccinations to children commencing first year in secondary school. The vaccines will be administered to boost immunity and protect against additional diseases.

The vaccines that will be offered to your child are:

  • HPV
  • Tdap
  • MenACWY

There will be two visits during the year.

Visit 1: should take place  from September/December onwards to give HPV (dose one) and Tdap vaccines

Visit 2: should take place from March/April onwards to give HPV (does two) and MenACWY

For more information, please see the information pack provided to your son by his Year Head/School Office. Please return the forms enclosed within 7 working days to notify the school whether your son will be receiving these vaccines.

To learn more about this vaccine programme follow this link (please note the school is not responsible for any material on third party sites).