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What will I need to take part in online learning?

  • A device (tablet/PC/laptop/iPad/mobile)
  • You will need access to Wifi

How can I access Microsoft Teams?

  • Microsoft Teams can then be accessed through a mobile phone, tablet, PC, laptop, iPad, XBOX, and PlayStation.



  • Students can download the Microsoft Teams App through the Android and Apple Store.
  • Alternatively, students can access Microsoft Teams using an internet browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Use your browser to sign-in here.


  • Depending on your model of Laptop/PC you can download the Microsoft Teams App or alternatively you can access the web or app version by going here.


  • You can connect to Microsoft Teams via XBOX by using Microsoft Edge.


How can I log in to Microsoft Teams?

  • You can log into Microsoft Teams by using your student e-mail and your password. If you experience difficulty accessing your e-mail you can e-mail our Help Desk ( Our help desk is available from 9 am to 4 pm each day Monday through Friday.

What is the best method for accessing classes online?

  • Teachers will make use of online classes and upload resources, to access these classes, mobile phones may not be suitable. It is advised you make use of PC/Laptop/Playstation/Xbox.

Guidelines for Parents & Guardians:

Guidelines for Students: