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The North Monastery History Club was established in 2016 with the aim of preserving the proud traditions of “The Mon”. The Club has made highlighting and celebrating the school’s glorious history it’s mission. The Club welcomes all members who have a genuine interest in local history and who would like to know more about the proud traditions of An Mhainistir Thuaidh!

What we do

  1. The Club has an annual foreign trip as well as additional local trips
  2. The History Boys are involved in a number of competitions at both County and National level
  3. Many school based projects are undertaken during the year
  4. Raise money for local charities
  5. Protect and care for the many historical artefacts of the school
  6. Represent the school at historical events

Our Achievements

  1. Cork School’s Heritage Awards: The Club first entered in 2018 when we won two awards. In 2019 the boys secured six awards including the award for best school!
  2. Thomas F Meagher Foundation Awards & Scholarship Programme: This is a national competition which the boys have entered since 2017. Seven winners are selected from across the country and are invited to an awards ceremony in Leinster House where they are presented with an award. The Club has received an award in 2017, 2018 & 2019. In 2019 the club achieved first place which entitled the student with the winning project to a scholarship worth €5,000!
  3. The club has received a certificate acknowledging their contribution to the Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition. They set up and ran their own stall and they were only school group to do so!

How the students benefit

  1. Students that join the club will be taught different skills such as research and presentation skills
  2. The boys as they get more confident in their work are given extra freedom and responsibility within the club which encourages them to develop leadership skills as well as organisational and self-evaluation skills
  3. Some students have found their work very useful in class also with some students having used their work in the club for both Leaving Cert and Junior Cert Projects for History, CSPE and Politics and Society.