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The North Monastery History Club was established in 2016 with the aim of preserving the proud traditions of “The Mon”. The Club has made highlighting and celebrating the school’s glorious history it’s mission. The Club welcomes all members who have a genuine interest in local history and who would like to know more about the proud traditions of An Mhainistir Thuaidh!

What we do

  1. The Club has an annual foreign trip as well as additional local trips
  2. The History Boys are involved in a number of competitions at both County and National level
  3. Many school based projects are undertaken during the year
  4. Raise money for local charities
  5. Protect and care for the many historical artefacts of the school
  6. Represent the school at historical events


Our Achievements 

  1. In 2017 the Club President addressed French media in French at a state ceremony in Toulouse.
  2. Since 2017 we have always won an award in the Thomas Meagher Awards & Scholarship programme including 1st place in 2019 which included a €5,000 scholarship!
  3. Since 2018 we have won a number of awards in the Cork School Heritage Awards in categories such as Junior Cert Group, Leaving Cert Group & Leaving Cert Individual. We have also previously received the award for Best School Effort!
  4. Since 2018 we have been the only school group to create and run our own stall at the Celebrating Cork Past Exhibition.
  5. Since 2018 we are the only school-based group that takes part on Cork Heritage Open Day.
  6. We have received certificates of accomplishment in the Trinity College Book of Kell’s competition 2018 & 2019
  7. In 2020 we became the first Irish group to enter the Never Such Innocence competition and have received certificates of accomplishment.

If you think you might like to get involved there is an information pamphlet on the club available below.

How the students benefit

  1. Students that join the club will be taught different skills such as research and presentation skills
  2. The boys as they get more confident in their work are given extra freedom and responsibility within the club which encourages them to develop leadership skills as well as organisational and self-evaluation skills
  3. Some students have found their work very useful in class also with some students having used their work in the club for both Leaving Cert and Junior Cert Projects for History, CSPE and Politics and Society.


Heritage Day

 Since 2018 the History Club has taken part in Cork Heritage Open Day. On the day the boys give tours and talks that they have created themselves. Every year they also hold a themed exhibition and produce a maximum of three information pamphlets about local history.

Sample pamphlets can be viewed below as well as a link to a virtual tour of the school and grounds. All this material was created by the History Club members.


Our Partners

 During the lifetime of the club we have had the good fortune to work closely with organisations within the local community. These relationships are very important in developing the Club. We would like to thank the following organisations for supporting the Club since its foundation.

  1. Cork City Council
  2. North Mon Past Pupils Union
  3. Cork Genealogical Society
  4. The Western Front Association
  5. Thomas F Meagher Foundation
  6. Discover Cork: School’s Heritage Project
  7. Independence Museum Kilmurry

Other Information