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The North Monastery CBS has gained significant success in extracurricular projects involving scientific research and development. Specifically, students have taken part and have won many prestigious awards in BT Young Scientist and SciFest. These accomplishments have earned the respect of commercial and R+D companies that seek out the brightest minds. As a result, our students have been selected for scholarships and have worked along with Engineers and Scientists in creating proof of concepts for establishing prototypes as Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) . This experience has provided our students with the skills and vision of what they’d like to pursue in college and as a career later on.

In empowering our students, science teachers in the North Monastery have a wealth of experience in academic and commercial product development. This particular skill set has seamlessly transitioned into our Teaching and Learning plan where students get first-hand knowledge of how to think scientifically and in utilising problem solving skills that is sought out by our smart economy. In the North Mon, students get the chance to study coding and in designing electronic circuits. Fundamentally, these skills are the building blocks for the various projects that students bring to fruition. In integrating electronics/coding students encounter technical problems and this is where students need to have a firm grasp of reducing problems to more simplified versions, that are more manageable, which is prerequisite to problem solving in technical disciplines. In addition, science lessons hugely incorporate how academic work directly relates to the real world and this leads to creative thinking that can enable students developing interesting and novel approaches to problems which has yielded winning performances at BT Young Scientist and SciFest.

Many students have gone on to college to study engineering/science and moreover past North Mon students have led industry and have held the most senior academic positions in universities throughout the world. Long live this tradition!

North Mon Students at BT Young Scientist 2019