Let’s Make Everyday Count this November

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As we get ready to prepare for our return to school this Monday – let’s make everyday count!

Throughout the month of November we will focus on maintaining good attendance and at the end of the month student’s will be rewarded for their hard work.

You can view our special leaflet on our November initiative here.

Did you know?


  • Attendance is an important life skill that will help your child both now and in their future.
  • It will benefit a student’s well-being, education and career.
  • Improved literacy and numeracy skills, even among those students who are struggling in school.
  • Students who frequently attend school feel more connected to their community and develop strong social skills and friendships.


A child can miss out on important learning at any stage of his/her educational journey.

  • Students miss time with friends which can lead to feelings of isolation and a loss of self-confidence.
  • The survey Poor Attendance in Ireland has concluded that “higher educational attainment improves health directly” which means attendance itself can benefit your child’s health.


  • An absence is defined as any day where a student is not in school or out on school business.
  • Good attendance is celebrated and recognised twice a year. Students are rewarded for high attendance.
  • A parent/guardian must write a note in a students’ Journal if the student is late for school / must leave school early during the school day / absent the previous day or number of days
  • A student cannot leave school during the school day without permission from his/her Year Head, Deputy Principal or Principal.
  • Class teachers will monitor attendance and notify Year Heads of any unexplained absences.
  • After 5 days’ absence, Year Heads will phone parents/guardians to notify them of the issue.
  • After 10 days, a letter will be sent home and a meeting may be arranged between the parents/guardians and the Year Head and/ or Senior Management.
  • After 15 days, the EWO is notified of the issue by email by the Principal and discussed at a meeting.
  • After 20 days, the matter is referred to the EWO through the TUSLA referral form