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The Guidance and Counselling Department in North Monastery Secondary School endeavours to provide for the personal, educational, social and vocational development needs of this school. The counselling service aims to grow and develop in response to the culture and environment of our school.

Our school values the individual student and aims to foster a sense of self-worth and self-respect.

Guidance is provided to all students at all levels in school. This includes curricular guidance (Religion, SPHE, Guidance Classes) and Student Support meetings, Management and Year Head/Programme Co-ordinator meetings, Behavioural Support, Individual Counselling and Vocational Guidance.

Our Student Support Team incorporates several people-Principal, Deputy Principal, Home School Community Liaison, School Completion, Behaviour for Learning, Resource, ASD Support, and Guidance Counsellors.

North Monastery CBS has two Guidance Counsellors:

Our school is also involved in several different initiatives with various agencies, industries, and education providers.

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