As the school continues to remain closed it is important to establish a daily routine in relation to your study and overall wellbeing.

We have put together a simple yet effective presentation (see links below) to help you establish this routine over the coming weeks. The presentation provides you with ways to maintain focus, guidelines and tips on how to study and how to look after yourself. Despite being asked to remain indoors for most of the day, it is still important to make contact with friends/family this can be achieved by using social media, face-timing/skype or hanging out with two or three friends but continuing with social distancing (usually 2 metres between you and the other person/people). You can also continue some form of exercise by running, walking, doing yoga or doing exercise at home.

Please view our Learning to Learn Toolkit below in both Powerpoint and PDF Formats.


Remote Learning/Home Study Timetable for Students 

Students are asked to continue to follow their class timetable or alternatively we have supplied you with Study Timetables please follow the links below.

1. Follow your Home Study Timetable: This is posted on the school website.

2. Access prescribed work online via Edmodo. You can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

3. Teachers will prescribe work. Complete assigned work and revise at home the subjects in blocks as per home study timetable.