Three projects from the North Monastery have successfully been accepted to compete at next year’s competition. The projects in which the students are working on involve the development of applications that have the potential to be commercially viable. This is a measure of the student’s capacity to creatively develop ideas that are aligned with an entrepreneurial spirit and an obvious aptitude to research and development.

Danila Fedotov_North Monastery Secondary School_preview

The students are currently working on technological solutions to

1) The development of assistive technology to care givers in their care of people with dementia.

2) A non evasive liquid flow metre that can determine the volumetric flow rate in pipes, using a mathematical model to process flow rate as a function of sound frequency, in real time.

3) A automated milking system that can identify contaminants in milk before mixing with the bulk tank in dairy farms.

The students are working hard with the support of management and their teachers Mr. Murphy & Mr. Ruby.