Mr O’Donoughe – Maths Work

Mr O’Donoghue – Maths Classes Please find below work for Mr O’Donougue’s maths classes both a junior and senior cycle. 1st Year and 2nd Year  For those who did not bring home their text book TEXT AND TESTS 1 is available for free online to all of... read more

School Remains Closed until April 19th, 2020

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s), Following today’s announcement by the Government of Ireland and the Department of Education & Skills, all schools within the Republic of Ireland will continue to remain closed. It was initially envisaged schools would reopen on... read more

2020-2021 – Senior Cycle Application Form

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,  Please find below an application form for senior cycle options. Each student must return this form by Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. We ask parent(s)/guardian(s), to fill out this form along with their son. It is vital this form is... read more

Student Update: access to e-books

How do I Access e-books?  Please follow the instructions regarding accessing e-books. e-books are particularly handy if you do not have access to the hard copy of a particular textbook. Access to Edco books:  At the moment Edco is allowing students to access their... read more

Senior Cycle Learning Resources

Online Resources for Leaving Cert Students Please find a selection of resources both subject and general-interest related for senior cycle students. General Resources: ⭐⭐ ⭐ (free/paid) An essential exam-focused tool. Past exam questions are broken down by... read more

Remote Learning: Learning to Learn and Wellbeing

As the school continues to remain closed it is important to establish a daily routine in relation to your study and overall wellbeing. We have put together a simple yet effective presentation (see links below) to help you establish this routine over the coming weeks.... read more

Student Update: e-learning classwork and project work

Please find below a set of codes your son can use to gain access to our schools Edmodo pages. These different subject pages will produce educational materials, homework and project for your son to complete. It is vital your son completes all work assigned by his... read more

School Closed Until Further Notice

  North Monastery Secondary School is closed from March 12th until further notice, as directed by The Government of Ireland. This closure is due to on-going concerns regarding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) across Europe and the wider world. All primary and... read more

€5,000 Scholarship for History Club

On Saturday the 17th of August during Cork Heritage Open Day. The History Club’s Ciarán Murphy was awarded a €5,000 scholarship from the Thomas Meagher Foundation. Ciarán came first place in the foundations award’s and scholarship programme which entitled... read more

History Club Honour Former Lord’s Mayor

The History Club where invited to city hall last Friday. This was for a ceremony that was to honour all the former Lord’s Mayor of Cork that were also past pupils of the school. The boys selected a Lord Mayor each and introduced them and list their... read more