BT Young Scientist 2018

Congratulations to Elvis Nzekwe, Filip Gajda and Harold Ibarlin who won second place in the senior technology category of the competition at the RDS on Friday 12th January. Their project was entitled “An Economical Sensor That Leads To The Conservation of Water, Using Sound Frequency”.


The project involved the development of an innovative approach to the design of water meters to pipes and tubes whereby they can easily be fitted on the surface making it less evasive than existing types in use. As a result, there are no moving parts and it only consists of a processor and microphone for recording the sound frequency generated during water flow. The key aspect of the project is the use of a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithm that can identify the most prominent frequencies generated from the sound of the pipe under use. Using this algorithm the students acquired a correlation between sound frequency and water volume that led to a linear mathematical relationship. This was a scientific breakthrough based on the existing literature and was down to the student’s perseverance, collaboration with their teacher Mr. Murphy and a focus on obtaining a result that has the potential of being commercialized.